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2021 Holiday Office Closures:

Friday, December 24th – Saturday, January 1st the office will be closed for Christmas Break.

**Tie-Downs are still available during these times**

Meadow Lake Airport's New FBO & General Aviation Terminal

Tie-Downs Now Available

Located northeast of the RWY 15 run-up area.

Overflow & Special Event parking is located off of Bravo by the MLAA hangar.



Fuel is currently self-serve only from Phantom Fuel between taxiways Charlie and Delta. Full-service fuel will be available in the Fall.

For more information about businesses on the field, please reference the Meadow Lake website’s business directory page.


From Phantom FuelFull service coming soon.


Overnight Tie Down


Pilot's Lounge Coffee

Join the Meadow Lake Community

Interested in basing your aircraft at Meadow Lake?

Leave us a note with your name, tail number, aircraft make and model and contact info.

Hangars and covered tie-downs are currently waitlisted. Open air tie-downs available immediately.

Springs Aviation

New to the mountains? New to aviation?

Springs Aviation provides a full-service flight school from the Rudy Welch GA Terminal. Offering instructors specializing in mountain flying and high-altitude operations, Springs Aviation can also provide recurrent training, pinch-hitter education or help new pilots fly from zero to CFI-I.

Flying in or near the mountains isn’t something to do for the first time without a qualified mountain instructor on board. Our instructors can help you prepare for the most dangerous of mountain flying emergencies.

Radio in!


Office Hours:Monday - Friday0800 - 1600Saturday1000 - 1500Flying Hours: 24/7

UNICOM/CTAF 122.7AWOS 118.45

13775 Judge Orr RoadPeyton, CO80831•••Located northeast of the RWY 15 run-up area.

New to KFLY? For a review of non-towered airport ops, check out AC90-66B.